Linda was born in Winnipeg and then moved to Labrador.  She vividly recalls the visual impact the Newfoundland landscape had on her as a child.  “The colours were both tender and exuberant.  I try to capture the quality of those colours in my work.”  She spent a collection of years in Alberta, and now resides with her husband in Fort Langley, B.C.

Linda has been working with watercolour for over thirty years, drawn to the luminous, transparent quality of the medium.  She was been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and has participated in numerous solo and group shows.  Linda has taught at the Federation of Canadian Artists Studio, the Vancouver International College and at Simon Fraser University, where she was classified as a ‘master teacher’.  Linda is a highly acclaimed instructor, and has traveled throughout the province presenting workshops on creative journaling, watercolour exploration, and the integration of nature, passion, and art.  She teaches very popular watercolour and journaling workshops and classes that emphasize freeing the expressive spirit within each individual.

Linda’s watercolours embody a profound respect for heritage and nature.  Recurring themes in her work include seashore, estuaries, rivers, heritage farmland and birds.  In the past few years, she has found a meaningful connection between her passion for conservation and her painting, donating some of the profits from her work to the very environments she is painting.  “It makes absolute sense – a direct line from my inspiration to those environments and animals I love to paint.  My hope is to encourage people to see things in new ways that inspire them to act and preserve what is of greatest value.”

Her paintings were shown at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery from 1997 to the gallery’s closing in 2016.