A Journey With My Father

Come Walk with Me

Come Walk with Me

This painting, “Come Walk with Me” is one of a series of paintings I am working on for a special solo show dedicated to my father, Gordon Muttitt.  He had an artist’s soul, and I was many times inspired by the directions his need to express his creativity were realized through his life.  I have included a photograph of one of Dad’s drawings under my painting.  He began his working life as a teacher of art and mathematics, an interesting combination.  He was a brilliant man, quiet in nature, great sense of humour, and full of a deep tenderness and respect for nature.  Most of his professional life, though, was spent as a meteorologist.  He would often describe the character of skies to my sister Barb and I.  So, in this new series of paintings, there will be many BIG skies!  It’s some of the best work I feel I’ve done, and I hope that Dad would be excited by the results.

During the painting of “Come Walk with Me”, I felt my Dad very much with me – walking along the sand, talking about the sky, and smelling all the rich smells of the seashore.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

This beach is on the beautiful Westcoast of Vancouver Island near Tofino.

Gordon Muttitt

First Nations Woman with Child by Gordon Muttitt

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