Linda has travelled across the province giving workshops on creative journaling. Her journal ideas are applicable to teachers wanting to enrich the journaling process for themselves and their students in the classroom, for artists wanting to explore new pathways for their creative energies, and for anyone, of any age, to find an exciting way of expressing themselves through word and image.

“Journals can be a powerful means of self-expression. Playing, and working, in journals is like going on a great adventure! Anything goes.

“Journal writing can be approached in many different ways. It can be the recording of dreams, plans, thoughts, hopes, memories, biographical information, designs, inventions, scientific data, graphs, brainstorming, just to name a few! It can also be things like comics, poetry, graphs, storyboards, lists….thoughts of every kind, recorded in any format.

“The pages themselves can change shape. I like to encourage myself to try new ways of designing and representing ideas, from cutting the pages to fit the theme of whatever I’m writing about, to ‘stretching’ out the size of the pages to correspond to the measure of the thoughts that are coming to me. Why limit imagination because the page is given to you in one particular size or form?!! Even changing the writing implement you use can affect the flow of what you’re doing. I have been amazed over the years to see how dramatically these changes can affect my ability to think beyond where I thought I could go. Adventuring in so many diverse ways opens up the mind.

I invite you to experience journals for the first time, or to try journals in a completely new way.”

Journal workshops can be arranged by contacting Linda through this website. Also keep checking under the ‘Journal Workshops‘ section to see upcoming art and journal sessions being offered.

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